I'm excited to announce the launch of a new book project, Been Here. Been Queer. Millennial and Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins.

This beautifully illustrated coffee table book will feature 50+ marginalized LGBTQIA+ Millennial and Gen Z activists and changemakers in the United States. This could include queer folx who are living in rural America, queer folx whose identity may be marginalized within queer communities, and/or folx who experience multiple marginalizations. We are celebrating the revolutionary, grassroots community work these young LGBTQIA+ people are doing, which begins with the fundamental act of being themselves. Being visibly queer, in many spaces, is still activist work. Our queer histories are often erased, and by uplifting these voices, we are breaking down the monolith, and embracing our diverse and equally important stories.

You can nominate someone for their important community work here.
Or you can check out our questions and submit answers yourself if you're an activist/changemaker who is interested in being featured.

Meet The Team

Taylor Mobley



Taylor Mobley is an African American illustrator and fledgling plant parent, working in Central Florida. He loves landscape storytelling, animation, and kid lit art! Taylor earned a BFA in Animation in Atlanta from the Savannah College of Art and Design after spending a year in Nashville studying at Fisk University. As a filmmaker, his short film “Run” was showcased at film festivals nationwide and abroad. He is a member of SCBWI and enjoys the new and diverse tales now showcased in children’s literature and new media.

Darci McFarland



Darci is the creator and editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist and Bible Belt Queers. She has an MA in Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University and a BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University. Her research on the “Psychological Effects of Abortions and Attitudes Towards Reproductive Rights,” co-authored by colleague Chelsea Farrar, is published in the International Journal for Humanities and Social Science. She’s a queer, feminist activist and artist based in Memphis, Tennessee, who fundraises for Southern abortion centers by day and organizes art activist projects in her free time. 

Dartricia Rollins

Advisory Board Member


Dartricia  is the Assistant Director of Fundraising and Administration for Charis Circle the nonprofit programming arm of Charis Books and More, where she is also a bookseller. She is an art and book collector and spends quite a bit of her free time attending galleries, museums, and reading as many books as possible at the same time!  She is a fierce advocate for reproductive justice and healthcare and mom to Daschund-Basset-Shepard mix Gambino.

Lachrista Greco

Advisory Board Member


Lachrista Greco  is a writer, speaker, librarian, and maker. She created Guerrilla Feminism and The Guerrilla Feminist in 2011. She has been interviewed by NPR, NBC, The Red Elephant Foundation, and others. Lachrista has her Master's Degree in Women's & Gender Studies and has written for Bitch Media, Ravishly, Rebellious Magazine For Women, Elephant Journal, Decolonizing Yoga, and more. She is a Soapbox Inc. speaker, and has spoken at colleges, universities, and nonprofits around the world about digital activism, digital consulting, online abuse, feminism, learning disabilities, domestic and sexual violence, Italianità, and more. Lachrista lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Z. Zane McNeill

Advisory Board Member



Z. Zane McNeill is a genderfluidflux dirt queer from the mountains of Appalachia. They are interested in queer oral history and archival projects as a way to uplift marginalized voices. His recently published co-edited collection, Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression, was called a “must read for everyone working for a just and sustainable world,” by David A. Nibert, author of Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict.