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Been Here. Been Queer. 

Millennial and Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins

Callie Garp of Fabulously Feminist and Darci McFarland of PTSFeminist are excited to announce the launch of their new book project, Been Here. Been Queer. Millennial and Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins.

This beautifully illustrated coffee table book will feature 50+ marginalized LGBTQIA+ Millennial and Gen Z activists and changemakers in the United States. This could include queer folx who are living in rural America, queer folx whose identity may be marginalized within queer communities, and/or folx who experience multiple marginalizations. We are celebrating the revolutionary, grassroots community work these young LGBTQIA+ people are doing, which begins with the fundamental act of being themselves. Being visibly queer, in many spaces, is still activist work. Our queer histories are often erased, and by uplifting these voices, we are breaking down the monolith, and embracing our diverse and equally important stories.

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