Bible Belt Queers

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This project was created to empower LGBTQIA folx from the South to share their experiences surrounding growing up as an LGBTQIA person in the Bible Belt.

It's 232 pages long, full color, and contains poetry, essays, and various types of visual art from over 70 LGBTQIA artists and activists.

[Cover art by the talented Iris Gottlieb: ]

Jake McBride - 5/5 stars - Best purchase of 2019

"This book brought me to tears, made me laugh, smile, frown, glow. Some pieces were relatable and reaffirmed things I had felt for years. Others were foreign and expanded my mind and gave me new perspective! I cannot reccomend this book more. No matter who you are, it will improve your life! (Can be enjoyed in the middle of a river in the woods wearing wading boots, or curled up in bed in an apartment in the city. I've done both and it was equally satisfying.) Thank you to everyone involved in making this available and accessible to so many people."

Victoria - 5/5 stars - An incredible collection of queer art.

"I received my (much anticipated) copy of Bible Belt Queers recently and cannot express my love for this anthology enough. It is such a thoughtfully put together collection of art, poetry, and essays representing the queer community of Appalachia in a way that I have not seen before. If you are part of this community or want to know more about the creatives and diversity that make it, buy Bible Belt Queers!"

Sally Burnette - 5/5 stars - thought-provoking anthology of queer writing and art

"As someone who grew up in the Bible Belt feeling very isolated, reading/seeing this collection was a truly moving experience."


Evangeline Giaconia - 5/5 stars

"A beautiful and hard-hitting anthology that illuminates both difficult and wonderful aspects of what it means to exist queerly in the Bible Belt."

Taylor -  5/5 stars - An excellent source of LGBTQ voices

"It's a beautiful collection of poetry and stories. Having a source of LGBTQ authors and their stories was really emotional for me when I received my copy. Highly recommend."

E. Marie Tracy -  5/5 stars - Relatable and powerful

"Powerful collection of important voices. I loved the way this collection includes visual art alongside essays and poetry, and visual descriptions of the art."

Rebecca -  4/5 stars

"Really touching and invigorating work by a bunch of different contributors with different perspectives. I didn't expect it to be as religion-focused as it was, I guess I didn't realize what a theme it was in queer Southern lives."