Darci McFarland

Editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist & Bible Belt Queers

MA in Women's & Gender Studies from Texas Woman's University

BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University

Darci is the creator and editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist and Bible Belt Queers. She has an MA in Women’s & Gender Studies from Texas Woman’s University and a BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University. Her research on the “Psychological Effects of Abortions and Attitudes Towards Reproductive Rights,” co-authored by colleague Chelsea Farrar, is published in the International Journal for Humanities and Social Science. She is fundraises for nonprofits by day, and in her spare time creates feminist art and engages in as many art and social justice activist efforts as possible.

Upcoming work: 

  • "Bible Belt Queers: Queer Resistance & Community-Building Through Art and Activism" co-authored with Amanda L. Pumphrey, PhD Candidate, for Y'all Means All: Erupting Voices in #Queer Appalachia (Fall 2021)

  • Bible Belt Queers Zine (2020/2021)

  • Bible Belt Queers Cookbook (2021)

  • Been Here. Been Queer. Millennial & Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins (2022)

Photo by With Salted Bones

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