Darci McFarland

Editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist & Bible Belt Queers

MA in Women's Studies from Texas Woman's University

BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University

Darci is the creator and editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist and the upcoming anthology Bible Belt Queers. She has an MA in Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University and a BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University. Her research on the “Psychological Effects of Abortions and Attitudes Towards Reproductive Rights,” co-authored by colleague Chelsea Farrar, is published in the International Journal for Humanities and Social Science. She is a Special Events Coordinator for a Planned Parenthood affiliate by day, and in her spare time creates feminist art and engages in as many art and social justice activist efforts as possible.

Photo by Art/Photography by Sydney Rasch.

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