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David M. rated this consultation as excellent. He said, "This consultation answered all my questions and helped me feel far less overwhelmed!"

"I love the design created for the small business I’m growing. It’s unique and exactly what I wanted. Darci is excellent at bringing a vision to life." - Lakin W.

"I worked with Darci McFarland as a contributor to her collection, Bible Belt Queers, as well as on the board for her collection, Been Here. Been Queer. She is an activist-oriented editor whose projects uplift the voices of marginalized folks who have been historically silenced. As an editor, she is fiercely loyal to her contributors and helps build them and their work up." - Z. Zane McNeill, Independent Scholar-Activist

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BIPOC & Queer and trans folk - please feel free to contact me for discounted pricing.

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